Today I woke up looking for myself…confused.


Longing for my own presence.


I felt my empty hands


and I saw my face in the mirror


with the traces of the distance I have walked.


I opened the luggage of my journeys


and took out one of the faces I keep in it;


a mask of laughter and happiness,


I placed it over my worn out face


and saw the world through the window, outside…waiting.






It is still too early to forget you

To scratch you out of my grocery list

Together with my bread and my milk

It is too early to replace you

In the drawers of my memory

I’ll just close them…

That’s it.


Your voice sang to me

Like sirens to lost pirates

Your arms were the perfect pillow to my face

Your eyes like emeralds…

Your eyes like emeralds gave me back

The riches of faith.


It is even too early 

To continue writing about goodbyes

and ask God to wipe the tears off this grief

It’s early




                                                                   Kurma Murrain

                                                                   Myrtle Beach. August 3, 2012.

kurma drawing

kurma drawing

En mis años de universidad tuve la oportunidad de conocer al talentoso artista Fernando Coca, quien hizo un dibujo mío en las “viejas” épocas. La Kurma de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia… Sólo le ha cambiado el cabello… 🙂

Kurma Murrain

Kurma Murrain

Kurma Murrain’s younger years, by Colombian artist Fernando Coca.




Label Me Latina/o 2012 Special Issue: Asserting Female Agency                                            




By Kurma Murrain 

The Collins’ marriage died at age 3 on July 31st, 2009 

Visitations will occur till October 15th, 2010 

Funeral at lawyer’s office some day in October 2011. 

One of the most popular interracial marriages in NC has died at a very young age. 

After being in the IC unit for two years, the couple has decided to unplug the cord. 

His stoic figure will always be remembered amongst friends 

His blond hair, green eyes, perfect teeth and height will no longer be associated with his 


His Harley Davidson paraphernalia will depart with him leaving nothing but a rumbled noise 

dimmed with the distance. 

She claims: Her life back, the dog, and a poetry book she acquired before the wedlock. 

Viewings will be celebrated at her apartment 

Shoes are optional 

Wine and laughter are mandatory. 


It has been decided that his funeral will be closed-casket 

Hers will be open to anybody who wants to dance to rhythms of cumbia skirts and candle lights 

to incinerate the past. 

Do not send condolences. 

Only flowers and sincere hugs are accepted. 

No R.S.V.P. necessary.