How to say Goodbye with Poetry

Poetry was surrounded by friends and music (Bernd Nuss, Tina Ruffin, William Johnson, Dan Johnson,Lucila Ruvalcaba, Cielo Ramírez, Franklin Castro, Irania Patterson, Kali Fergusosn, Ana Lucía Divins, Carlos Crespo, and an unexpected guest.)


How to say Goodbye with Poetry

Not only a friend,but also a wonderful poet, José G. Vazquez read a selection of poems to say goodbye…
Here we are, promoting our reading.

How to say Goodbye with Poetry

Kali Ferguson and Irania Patterson talking about new projects.

How to say Goodbye with Poetry

My great friend, José Guadalupe, made the poster for the event.

How to say Goodbye with Poetry

Here, at the library, I was reading one of the poems I wrote after my mother died one year ago. Had great support of friends who came to say goodbye with me.


For every mother that goes to Heaven

There is a cloud changing shapes in the sky

Pages of a book never written

Gone with the wind of memories

There is still a smell of home-made soup coming out of the kitchen

A dress swirling resembling you behind the bedroom door

I will always be your little girl

I’ll always be a motherless girl

You left me a sibling who can’t hear me

And a father who can’t speak

I wonder if on the other side of heaven you are dancing

As snow starts covering the house we built

“You just have to…” They say as if actions had the power to dissolve you

I have to pretend life suffices

Even as you keep showing up

Like a ghost who couldn’t die really well.


                                                                       Kurma Murrain

– C I E L O –


Llovizna serena sin agua y con letras


de palabra dulce, de sonrisa eterna.


Tinta en el papel, color en la tela.


Es un tesoro escondido


de mirada quieta.


Lenta se acerca,


suave se aleja


y  sutil flota


la esencia


del poema


que deja.