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I don’t remember if it was my mother or my best friend in Bogotá (Colombia) who gave me the book The Alchemist, but my mother used to mention it often, “Cuando deseas algo, todo el universo se confabula para que lo consigas.” For many years I thought this applied to finding the “perfect” man, only to be left disappointed because the universe wasn’t working with me. But my biggest dream of all always was to live in the United States.

It’s clear that it was God who orchestrated all this so perfectly. My mother used to talk about a state of conscience, or evolution of mind and spirit that she thought she had reached. I thought I was very “evolved” when I was taking yoga classes and going to “spiritual” retreats. I don’t complain, I would say there was something spiritual about staying in the mountains for a 4 day weekend, wake up at 5 am to mediate and witness the sunrise. All the above was foolishness. After the retreat was over we were still acting on our own strength, trusting the creation, instead of trusting the Creator.

Myrtle Beach

In an early conversation with my friend Cara, she told me that God takes our “ugly”, our sin, for His purpose. I was buried in sin when He called me. Here is when my dream to live in the US became His “conspiracy”, and how His plan comes to fruition.

I had set my mind. I had to come to the United States as a teacher, since I had been here a couple of summers before as a camp counselor. When I knew about the VIF (Visiting International Faculty), I immediately made the phone call. Very enthusiastically I told them about my extensive experience and how much I wanted to be part of their program. They seemed to feel my energy and my sincere desire to work with them. They told me I was the perfect candidate except for one thing. I needed to have a driver’s license issued at least two years previous to my application. Oh boy… I had never owned a car. I had relied on public transportation my whole life!


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